We now have a new name, logo, colour palette and website londoncredit.com that is in keeping with the London Credit name.

We are moving our brand into the future by adopting a new name and trademark as part of our ongoing evolution and integration into various digital platforms and channels.

We are the same great team embracing the same philosophy:

Bridging Finance that ... goes back to basics  with the same values being:

✔ Fast
✔ Transparent
✔ Flexible
✔ Approachable

A new more memorable name reflecting our efforts to differentiate our own unique identity from our other member firms. The creation of a stand-alone brand allows for more clear communication of the product and more effective use of marketing resources. As of today, the lending operations will be conducted by the UK company London Credit Limited, trading as London Credit, and the existing loans granted will be serviced until redemption by Consulco Finance, by which time the activities will have been fully assumed by London Credit.

We are committed to embracing the evolving business environment and maintaining the zeal for best practice.