Short term loans secured against UK property


Product Cycle


  1. Borrowers request to be provided with short-term loans and as a collateral pledge their UK property
  2. Properties and borrowers undergo detailed underwriting and loans are granted from the funds of Consulco Finance
  3. Legal charge on a subject of property is registered in the benefit of Consulco Finance
  4. Investors can participate in a specific loan earning an interest up to 8% by way of a Funded Participation Agreement
  5. At redemption date, the legal charge over the loan is released and investors receive their investment plus the accumulated interest

Product Description



We lend business purpose bridging finance loans to London based borrowers and business owners. The loans range between £100,000 to £3,000,000 for minimum 3 months and maximum 18 months periods and loan interest rate starts at 1% per calendar month. These loans are secured against UK real estate with an average loan-to-value average at 51%. Valuations are produced by external independent chartered surveyors having professional indemnity insurance up to £10 million any one claim and also by our internal property professionals based on comparable sale prices.

up to 8% p.a.
Range of Return
Min investment amount
3-18 months
Range of Investment Term
1st or 2nd charge over residential and commercial property in UK
Last updated: March 2017



Extensive due diligence and valuations are carried out prior the loan is granted. We obtain a detailed Valuation report from an independent Chartered surveyor. Consulco Finance obtains a legal report from a qualified law firm qualifying that the borrower has a good and legally marketable title to the freehold/long leasehold interest in the property, free from encumbrances, to be placed as a security for the loan.


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