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Consulco finance provides one of the most secure alternative investments in the UK by lending business purpose bridging finance loans to London based borrowers and business owners which are in turn provided as a short-term investment product to investors from all around the world.
These loans are 100% secure on liquid residential and commercial properties located in London, selected South East, the Midlands and major cities.
Investors can enjoy risk-adjusted returns with a short-term exit strategy between 3-18 months and an average loan-to-value at 51%.
It is a unique investment that enhances investor’s portfolio to gain maximum returns in short-term period while exposing their capital to minimum risk secured against UK real estate.
Consulco carries out the underwriting, due diligence and loan administration with highly experienced lawyers, bankers and external valuers, to minimize risk and assure achievement of our investment objectives.
At the end of the investment term, investors have the option to receive the funds or to re-invest them.

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High Yields

A proven scheme of solid returns directly deposited into client’s account upon redemption date.


Short-term investment horizon with option to redeem or reinvest on new loan portfolio.


Investors are secured with London properties worth at least 150% of their investment amount.

Risk Mitigation

Our professional and highly experienced team provides substantial due diligence and underwriting in an effort to keep the level of investment risk low.

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